Ousama Fansa

Ousama Fansa

Chief Executive Officer

“Our mission has always been to be the go-to building solution provider through unique insight and close involvement in the business of construction, its needs, processes and the tools used within it. We are the construction partner.”

Mr. Fansa has been Roots Group Arabia’s CEO and serves on the Board of Directors since 2004.
Mr. Fansa joined RGA in 1986 straight out of engineering school and never left. It is on large construction sites across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, first as a site engineer then as project manager that he developed a real sense of what it is like to lead.


Moving up in the ranks, and undertaking key responsibilities on and off-site, he became General Manager in 1994. Through his close involvement in the business of construction and its needs, his time as GM was spent working to implement an overarching vision to place RGA at the heart of construction across new and existing markets. A key driver for growth, he is credited with sealing RGA’s first acquisition, the A-Metal plant in Jeddah, manufacturing metal ceiling solutions, suspension systems and custom-made steel structures. He also established key partnerships with leading brand names in building material, construction machinery and material handling equipment.


In 2004, he was named Group CEO to lead global expansion and grow RGA’s customer base. By 2009, RGA customer base reached 17,000 across 12 new markets, employing over 9700 people with annual revenues passing the $1 Billion mark. In 2010, Mr. Fansa oversaw consolidation and restructuring of the Group’s 31 subsidiaries under the current three-division structure for Distribution, Manufacturing, and Design and Build.
Over the last six years, Mr. Fansa has focused on strengthening the hybrid model of turnkey fit-out commissions and reliable sourcing for medium and large size projects. He is also working to implement cost-efficiencies and upgrade the Group’s manufacturing plans. Mr. Fansa is also credited with initiating and overseeing the successful acquisition of Idea Standard Gulf in 2013 and the recent UK-based transport design practice Pascall + Watson who joined the group in 2015.