Powering the construction of one of the world’s largest metro systems

Chicago_Pneumatic_-_Riyadh_Metro_Project_cp0008908_456<Al-Riyadh, 18-5-2016> Eighty stationary generators from Chicago Pneumatic are playing a key role powering the construction of one of the world’s largest metro systems in the capital of Saudi Arabia. The Riyadh Metro Project opened in 2014 and is scheduled for completion in 2018. It will lead to the construction of an automatic driverless publicy transport system featuring eighty seven stations, located across six lines totaling over 170 km in length: more than 73.4 km of which will be underground. Roots Group Arabia, an official distributor of Chicago Pneumatic in Saudi Arabia, managed to gain the buy-in and trust of BACS by demonstrating the excellent durability and performance of Chicago Pneumatic’s CPSG stationary generators. This, in addition to the comprehensive aftersales support provided by Roots Group, resulted in an order of 975,000 USD being placed in June 2015 to acquire a total of eighty CPSG generators. The order included twenty CPSG185 (185 KW/235 KVA) models, thirty CPSG40 (40 KW/ 50 KVA) models and another thirty CPSG18 (18 KW/ 22.5 KVA) models.

Ashraf Hemaidah, Deputy General Manager of Roots Group Arabia said: “The Riyadh Metro is a very time sensitive project. One of the key requirements of the client was to keep all the equipment running safely to prevent any possible delays and cut downtime costs. With our comprehensive package of support services the customer didn’t need to worry about any possible disruptions and delays. The technical characteristics of the generators also made it easier to meet local Health, Safety, and Environment requirements.” Roots Group secured not only the machine order but also the service contract, which includes a one year unlimited running hour warranty. In addition, Roots Group committed to provide one service technician per site where a generator was located; with a full package of replacement parts and service tools made available at all times. After seven months of the generators being deployed no major breakdowns have occurred, with the machines demonstrating consistent performance throughout the hottest months of August and September..

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